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Sneak peek at what's inside:

Indonesia is accustomed to growth. After registering GDP growth of over 6% from 2007 through 2012 (save a drop to 4.6% in 2009), the economy has posted growth rates of between 5 and 6% in each of the past five years. GDP for 2017 closed at 5.1%. Though still strong, this figure was below the Southeast Asia regional average, as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Laos all recorded growth of 6.7%, and Malaysia saw growth of 5.8%. President Joko Widodo, in office since 2014, pledged to bring Indonesia back to the days of 7% growth, figures not seen since the 1990s. In order to keep things moving, Widodo has made infrastructure investment the centerpiece of his economic plan, hoping to boost growth and create jobs in the short term and create efficiencies for longer-term.

The Business Year's country-specific publications, sometimes featuring over 150 face-to-face interviews, are among the most comprehensive annual economic publications available internationally.

This 112-page publication covers finance, energy, mining, industry, telecoms and IT, transport and infrastructure, construction, real estate, agriculture, health, and tourism. The report features dozens of interviews, including:

  • Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia
  • Dr. Tito Sulistio, President, Director of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
  • Ignasius Jonan, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
  • Airlangga Hartarto, Minister of Industry
  • Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism
  • Dr. Nila F. Moeloek, Minister of Health


The publication also features a range of articles and analysis, including:

  • Women's empowerment
  • Green energy
  • Textiles
  • Impact of Mount Agung eruption
  • Cement
  • 2019 Asian Games

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