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Sneak peek at what's inside:

For Panama, 2019 represents an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and make economic and social progress. Currently at the whim of global trade flows, and dangerously close to being imperiled by rising tensions between the US and China, there is a keen resolve in the country to diversify revenue streams and help to ensure that the economy is better able to ride out external shocks. And as no stranger to foreign investment, as Panama City's iconic skyline will attest to, the country remains a competitive player in a region that is clamoring for a greater share of the global spotlight. This publication aims to provide a platform to the country's business community at this crucial period.

The Business Year's country-specific publications, sometimes featuring over 150 face-to-face interviews, are among the most comprehensive annual economic publications available internationally.

This 160-page publication covers green economy, finance, energy, mining, industry, telecoms and IT, logistics, maritime, construction, real estate, agri-food, education, health, and tourism. The report features dozens of interviews, including:

  • Laurentino Cortizo Cohen,President, Panama
  • Stanley Motta, Chairman, Copa Holdings
  • Javier E. Gutiérrez Alzate, General Manager, Celsia
  • Miguel Bolinaga, Country Manager, AES Panamá
  • Rodrigo Diehl, General Manager, Cable Onda
  • Julio De La Lastra, President & CEO, Ocean Network Express (ONE) Panama
  • Harry Abuchaibe, Country Manager, Argos Panamá
  • José Alberto Nieto Rojas,Dean, Universidad Metropolitana de Educación, Ciencia y Tecnología (UMECIT)

The publication also features a range of articles and analysis, including:

  • New airs of diplomacy
  • Competitive economic growth
  • Renewable energy
  • Fintech growth
  • Fourth transmission line
  • Industry reactivation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Fourth bridge over the Panama Canal
  • Panama City new metro
  • Urbanization
  • Family farming
  • National Pact for Education
  • International Tourism Promotion Fund

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