The Business Year


The Angolan Development Roundtable

December 2022

Angola is the largest oil producer south of the Sahara, and enjoys strengthening ties with countries around the world. Yet the authorities are keenly aware that oil resources must be managed prudently to avoid irreversible environmental damage and ensure longer-term economic diversification and energy transition. To that end, both the public and private sectors are playing a vital role, implementing projects and strategies to attract foreign investment and lead the country to more sustainable prosperity.And in parallel with gradual progress in the green transition, Angola is experiencing a period of unprecedented digitalization, giving a much-needed boost to many different areas of the economy.This event brought together key players from the Angolan economy to discuss the way forward in pivotal sectors such as oil and gas, mining, finance, ICT, and industry, and delved deeper into how businesses in these areas are leveraging sustainability and digitalization initiatives for growth.

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